Smoketown is obsessed with maximizing the disruptive potential of brands & social enterprises, both early stage and established.


We specialize in three verticals. 


Natural & specialty products

From food to personal care to cleaning


cannabis, especially health & wellness

Leveraging cannabinoids like CBD


Tech, iot & saas

Consumer-grounded technology sectors


Ways To Engage Us


Our low-overhead, high-flexibility business model makes
30+ years of experience surprisingly affordable and accessible.

Growth Projects

  • Clearly defined scope

  • Linked to growth objectives

  • Price driven by complexity, methods & deliverables

  • Examples:

    • Brand re-positioning & identity refresh

    • New product development

    • Competitive analysis

    • Consumer research

Design Projects 

  • Clear design objectives

  • Discreet design request

  • Price driven by rounds, complexity & deliverables

  • Examples:

    • Logo & visual identity design

    • Packaging design

    • Concept rendering

    • Social media assets

Fractional Executive

  • Embedded Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Marketing, or Chief Growth Officer

  • Less structured deliverables

  • Dedicated number of days/week

Photo Credit: Bob Jones

Photo Credit: Bob Jones

Our Inspiration: Smoketown

We chose the name Smoketown, because it represents extraordinary potential hiding in plain sight.

Founded by freed slaves after the Civil War, Smoketown is Louisville's oldest African-American neighborhood. It also happens to be where founder Ryan Pintado-Vertner's grandfather grew up. James Driver "J.D." Bush epitomized the human potential that flourishes around the country despite the stultifying effects of racism and poverty. He was an innovator and an entrepreneur, selling everything from newspapers to burlap sacks to make a life for himself, his mother and siblings, and eventually his wife (and Ryan's grandmother). 

Now, today, sprung from that improbable well of potential, is a consulting practice, founded by his grandson, and carrying the legacy forward.