Introducing Smoketown: A new consultancy obsessed with potential


For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with potential: my own, my family’s, my community’s. In fact, as I came to think about America and define its promise for myself, I framed it this way: America, at its best, maximizes human potential -- yours, mine, immigrants’ from every corner of the globe.

As a result, I became adept at finding potential hidden everywhere: phrases that had untapped power; sectors that were under-served; new products that had unrealized opportunity.  

Now I get to obsess about the potential of your ideas. I’m announcing the launch of Smoketown Strategy & Innovation Consulting, a consultancy obsessed with potential -- the potential of your product, your brand, or your social enterprise. Specifically, we refine your ideas, aspirations, campaigns, and hunches -- leveraging deep expertise in consumer insights and design thinking -- and unlock untapped potential.

Even our name is steeped in this commitment. Smoketown is a neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky, one of the oldest African-American neighborhoods in the United States. Freed slaves moved to Smoketown to reinvent themselves. Therefore, it represents a reservoir of potential from which, despite the weight of racism and poverty, amazing things emerged. It also happens to be where my grandfather grew up. Without it, I wouldn’t be here.

If your brand or social enterprise has untapped potential, contact us for a free consultation.