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Our 40+ years of experience -- packed into free, useful videos. tested two digital ads. One did better. Good, right? Maybe. Learn the pitfalls of testing in this week's episode of #30:1 by Smoketown. The Take-Away: Split tests, A/B tests, Optimizely -- these are powerful tools. But if your brand strategy is wrong, you're leaving money on the table no matter what.


Brands that matter choose their words carefully. Every word your brand uses, from packaging to Instagram, should reinforce its positioning. Learn how in this episode by Smoketown.


Brands that matter make philanthropy a core part of the brand's DNA. Lots of brands do philanthropy, but brands that matter take it a step further they embed social impact in their DNA. Consumers value brands that care! This goes beyond community service hours and donations. It means giving your brand a mission.


Brands are most powerful when they address multiple problems in people's lives. Identify three specific problems in people's lives that are relevant to your brand. Think of ways that your brand or product could address each of the four intersections in the Venn diagram.


The good news: #Creativity is a process, not a skill. The bad news: It still sucks sometimes. These three tips can help boost creative output and get out of a rut. Especially helpful for #entrepreneurs and #innovators.


How do you persuade consumers that your #brand's #innovation can deliver on its promises? Watch this video for examples from REBBL Inc. & Moon Juice


Entrepreneurs: Retail buyers are the gatekeepers to the shelf. Create leverage with these three tips in our new video series #30to1: Smoketown’s 30+ years of collective experience in 1 minute bites.


What if your consumer research paid for itself or created brand value? Learn 3 ways start-ups get research to break even in today's episode of #30to1. Brand Builders: Could these hacks work in Big CPG?