Tools & Frameworks

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evaluate your packaging graphics

How do you know whether your packaging graphics are reaching their full potential? Here’s a simple way to evaluate what’s working and what’s not.

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solve multiple consumer problems

Brands and innovation are most powerful when they address more than one consumer problem. Complete this framework to find ways your brand can play at the intersection of two or three unmet needs. 

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diagnosing Purchase funnel problems

When consumers drop out of your purchase funnel or lead gen pipeline, it can be hard to diagnose why. Calculating these ratios can help you pinpoint the problem and track progress over time. 

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Empathy mapping

Powerful brands, high ROI marketing, and strong innovation pipelines all rely on the same thing: deep empathy for the problems you solve in people's lives. Here's a simple exercise to better understanding the problems that your brand, product or service solves. Includes an example. 


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Empathy guide: a linear approach

Like our Empathy Mapping tool, this exercise will help you deepen your understanding of the problems you solve in consumers' lives. Use it to help you build more powerful brands, increase marketing ROI, and create stronger innovation pipelines. 

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giving brands purpose: an exercise

Brands are more valuable when they have purpose: a mission that compels them to make the world a better place in big ways. We call it a brand's "Big Fight". What is your brand fighting for in the world? The most powerful "fights" will optimize four different considerations. Use this exercise to optimize yours.

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Creative brief template: for advertising

Creative agencies thrive on thoughtful creative briefs. Here's a template for an advertising creative brief that will help you define the brand's strategy, explain the role of this advertising campaign, and set clear expectations for the agency's deliverables.




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does your brand matter?

Brands that matter have more leverage with retail buyers and more loyal consumers. To ensure that your brand matters, use this framework. Are you maximizing each quadrant? If not, reframe your brand proposition to generate more power.

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ROI: avoiding wasted brand spending

Two budget line items can be sources of wasted spending: 1) non-working dollars, which includes design and production costs; and 2) working dollars, which includes advertising spending like pay-per-click. Use this framework to diagnose where you're wasting money.

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